Delta-Simons - Editorial Contributor for UN 75 – Sustainable Engineering in Action Commemorative Book

  • UN 75 Book cover

16 Sep 2020

To mark the 75th anniversary of the United Nations, the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) has created a commemorative album entitled UN75: Sustainable Engineering In Action.  This beautifully designed book will highlight ICE and the UN’s shared commitment to shaping a better future and address the challenges that lie ahead. These challenges are informed by the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, the UN agencies involved in implementing them, and the ways in which engineering is providing – or can provide – solutions to these challenges. Featuring contributions from Delta-Simons , UN agencies, WaterAid, UNOPS and other key partners, the book will explore engineering’s impact in such areas as health and sanitation, human rights, the climate, urban growth, economic development and agriculture.

UN75: Sustainable Engineering In Action will chart the history of the UN and profile its Sustainable Development Goals. It will also raise awareness of the vital need for sustainable development, highlight the role that engineering has to play in finding solutions; present a range of specific challenges and engineering solutions; and break down “siloed” thinking within engineering and beyond.Produced in partnership with publisher St James’s House, this inspiring hardback will be launched at the historical library of ICE’s headquarters just off Parliament Square in London – a venue which, exactly 75 years ago, was also home to the signing of the charter which established UNESCO, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation.

A prestigious coffee-table book of the highest quality in research, writing and design, UN75: Sustainable Engineering In Action explores not only key stories of engineering innovation, but also sheds a light on the major industries and commercial sectors that surround the discipline. As well as investigating the ways in which engineering has positively impacted on the world, the publication serves as a carefully curated guide to architects, consultants, infrastructure companies, environmental firms, industry-related educational institutions and other organisations whose pre-eminent status in their respective fields warrants their inclusion in this book. Many of these exclusive names and brands will be exhibiting at the launch event on 16 November 2020.

Speaking ahead of the launch, Richard Freed, the CEO and owner of St James’s House, said:

“The Institution of Civil Engineers and the United Nations have a shared history over the past 75 years. The commemorative album celebrates that shared history and will bring a heightened awareness of the massive efforts that ICE and the United Nations are making to help the world reach targets for sustainable development. We are extremely proud of this book and honoured to be working alongside such exceptional organisations on this project.”

Some 500 dignitaries from around the world as well as television and print media representatives are expected to attend the presentation of UN75: Sustainable Engineering In Action. The book’s readership includes the Institution of Civil Engineers’ 92,000 members worldwide, those in industries associated with engineering, UN agencies and the general public.

The United Nations has created 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which define what ESG means on a global basis. We have chosen to adopt this approach as integral to our ESG Policy and have selected eight in the first instance which we believe best reflect our ambitions and what we can significantly influence as a business. Other SDGs remain hugely important, but we have prioritised areas where we can make the biggest positive impacts in the location and industry in which we operate.

Our involvement provides Delta-Simons with an opportunity to own the current narrative on sustainable environmental engineering, which is crucial when bidding for future work. It also provides us with recognition within a campaign endorsed by ICE and the highest offices of the UN.