Delta-Simons Carbon Footprint Report 2020

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20 Apr 2021


Our Commitment to Tackling Climate Change

Climate change is arguably the biggest threat to our natural world and our way of life. As environmental consultants, Delta-Simons understands its role and responsibility to lead by example. As such, we are committed to playing our part to not only reduce our direct carbon emissions, but to use our skills and expertise to support others to do the same.

Emissions Sources

Transport and travel makes up 82% of our carbon footprint. The operation of our premises accounts for 11%, whilst the remaining 7% comes from materials used as part of our site works.

Public transport decreased to only 2% of our footprint due to the impact of Covid-19. Because of social distancing guidance, hire cars were used far more often than in previous years and public transport use was down significantly.

55% of our electricity comes from certified renewable sources and we continue to work with our landlords to ensure all our offices are powered by green energy.

Carbon Intensity

As Delta-Simons continues to grow, we assess our environmental impact against our business performance to provide relative indicators.

For the sixth consecutive year, we have reduced our carbon intensity in relation to both our annual turnover and headcount.


Absolute Emissions                       

Our carbon footprint is expected to have peaked in 2018. Since then, our absolute carbon emissions have reduced despite significant business growth. In 2020 our total carbon footprint equated to 317 tCO2e (down 8% on the previous year) and through positive action we aim to reduce this year-on-year. We have committed to a Science-Based Target and will reduce our emissions in line with the Paris Agreement, with the aim of exceeding it wherever possible.

Beyond Net-Zero

As we progress on our journey to eliminate fossil fuels from our operations, we will continue to offset our annual residual emissions by 150%. We do this so that we can have a net positive impact on the environment. 

Only by going ‘Beyond Net-Zero’ can we actually begin to remove historical carbon from the atmosphere and restore the planet to what it once was.

Social Impact

When offsetting our carbon emissions, we believe in investing in projects which also deliver social benefits aligned to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Our employees vote to decide which projects we select based on alignment to our corporate values and causes close to their hearts.