Delta-Simons Drilling Unit Success Story

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06 Jan 2021



Looking back on 2020, it was certainly a year like no other and the Delta-Simons Drilling Team adapted well to allow continued working through challenging times. This mainly stemmed from the team’s strong work ethos and the ability to change how we approach all areas of working practises to keep ourselves and others safe working within the government guidelines.

The Drilling Team had a busy and productive year, increasing its service provision through the purchase of new equipment, including two new sets of Geobor drill string, a larger selection of casing sizes, a larger Symmetrix drill string and the setting up another rotary rig with water flush capabilities. We worked   on some large, involved jobs during the most disruptive time known and still delivering the results needed.

As the Drilling Unit Manager, I have been working on a three-year business plan to give the Drilling Unit a clear ‘road map’ of the goals and objectives needed to accomplish and align with the business strategy and meet the Delta-Simons vision of ‘Excellence in our Environment’. This has been the secret of our success in delivering growth and widening of our service offering. Looking back to where we were when the Drilling Unit was set up in 2006, the service offered was very limited. Being able to analyse the drilling market extensively and forecast ahead has enabled me to achieve targets set in line with the demands rather than be left standing.

Without the ability to change you cannot move forward and with every change brings opportunity, allowing the team to progress and learn resulting in a collaborative approach to supporting the Drilling Unit in its journey. During the past three years we have achieved our biggest and most ambitious business plans. It has not been easy, and changes have been made to adapt to the current climate, resulting in a few diversions along the way but overall, the destination stayed the same.

The journey does not end once this plan is completed, already we are looking ahead to the next business cycle to keep the momentum going. This will allow the Drilling Unit to continue to support the needs for the site investigations, allow opportunities within the team and provide new growth. We will continue to push forward and react to the industry needs making sure that we are doing all we can to offer the services required and adapting to stay ahead.

I am excited working on the continued growth of the Unit, work certainly has not slowed down and we are in a great position to push ahead with our goals and objectives for 2021.

Gary Coster, Delta-Simons Drilling Unit Manager