Delta-Simons partner with 100% Tri for the 2020/21 Season

06 Oct 2020

Delta-Simons partner with 100% Tri for the 2020/21 Season

Delta-Simons are delighted to be the one of the sponsors for 100% Tri. 100% Tri will be going into the 2021 season and I am pleased to announce that the following will be available for all Delta-Simons employees as part of the sponsorship package.

100% Tri free app – This will be available for all Delta-Simons employees, the app streams straight to your mobile and includes fitness activity for all levels to fit in around your work and home life. The app is under development and is currently at the compliance stage, however this should be available by the end of the year. Watch this space for announcements

100% Team Tri training days – Offers sports specific training days for groups of 6, socially distanced to meet up and receive high quality guidance, in a group of your ability. This underpins the workforce challenges that Delta-Simons organise to help promote health and wellbeing for all employees. The training days offer team support, social opportunities, motivating and fun challenges for all and development of skills and knowledge.

Team challenge – For anyone that wants to take part in sprint or triathlon events of your own choice. Paul & Stefan offer one to one coaching , bringing a group of individuals together and supporting those who want to go further and develop as athletes and team members.

100% Tri is one to be experienced and enjoyed, aimed to provide first class support and guidance to all triathlon race team members regardless of ability. 100% Tri offer one to one coaching for small teams.

After the year we have had I am sure most will want to try out some form of exercise to attain a good  ‘work/life’ balance which can help reduce stress, improve levels of fitness whilst keeping ourselves in good health.

The 100% Tri operation is fully COVID compliant which means reducing the numbers of any team to 6 (socially distanced) and working on a time trial basis if needed. Stefan & Paul are used to working hard and delivering under changed circumstances like we all have learnt and adapted well to over the past 6 months.

Paul Fowler – Team Director has over twenty-five years of experience in teaching and coaching. Stefan Lawrence- Director of Coaching is a professional training coach with an exceptional level in endurance sports, running, cycling.

The focus for 100% Tri this season is:

  • Conditioning
  • Efficiency of Movement
  • Technique Development
  • Key Physiological Adaptions
  • Reduce Risk of Injury

If you’re interested in finding out more information, please contact Paul or Stefan at 100% Tri