Additional EHS team members qualify as DSE Workstation Assessors

15 Mar 2017

Health & Safety

Additional members of our EHS team have successfully completed the Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors registered course to become DSE Workstation Assessors this month.

Their success builds on increasing client interest in supporting employees in achieving a comfortable working environment, in line with the Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) (DSE) Regulations 1992. Under these regulations, all employers are required to carry out an analysis and assessment of DSE users workstations. Typically, DSE would include computer monitors and laptops, but also includes devices such as tablets or mobile phones.

Working with a variety of clients, including global clients operating hi-tech, low risk environments, Delta-Simons have provided advice and support to employees experiencing discomfort, as well as training on comfortable desk set up.

A typical DSE assessment examines all elements of a desk, including the work surface, screen(s), keyboard and mouse, chair, and general working environment. Advice is tailored to the activities being undertaken, to ensure specific risks such as high levels of keyboard usage, or prolonged phone usage, are accounted for.

Small adjustments may be made during the assessment to increase comfort levels. Adjustments may include changing the height of the chair seat pan; adjusting arm rests, and changing the tilt of the back of the chair. The monitor may be moved forwards, and the height of the monitor may be adjusted if it is placed too low or too high, which encourages excessive neck tilt. Headsets may be recommended for prolonged phone usage, and working habits may be encouraged, such as short breaks away from the desk every hour.

Just a few seemingly minor adjustments can make a big difference to the comfort levels of employees; improving wellbeing and potentially improving productivity.  See our Ergnomics Program for more information.

We provide overall EHS strategies for clients - see our company-specific EHS Program services.