Group Managing Director Alex Ferguson Heads To Tokyo For The Bi-Annual Inogen Alliance Spring Meeting

03 Apr 2023



Environmental Social Governance (ESG)

Alex Ferguson, the Group Managing Director of Lucion Group, is heading to Tokyo, Japan, to attend the Inogen Alliance Spring Meeting. This global event brings together experts in environmental consulting to discuss emerging trends, best practices, and solutions for the Environmental, Health, Safety and Sustainability (EHSS) industry. 

Ahead of the Spring meeting, we take a look back at Inogen’s Fall Meeting, exploring the themes covered and key takeaways.


The Inogen Alliance Fall Associate meeting took place in San Francisco in November 2022. Associates discussed key themes including the dichotomy of global trends and current economic positions; the focus on digitalization, climate resilience and ESG; the scarcity of talent and talent retention; and the return to traditional EHS and compliance as more companies return to workplaces or are learning how to manage hybrid work environments.

During the last Inogen meeting, there were a number of challenges in the UK economy, with inflation around 11%, the energy crisis, uncertainty in politics with the new Prime Minister and Cabinet, the ongoing unresolved challenges of the Brexit deal, and the economy now in recession. This translated to fewer business deals happening with an associated reduction in due diligence work for mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and real estate due diligence. For many years the London Stock Exchange has been the leading stock exchange in Europe, but it may not be anymore. One of the key trends they see is the deals flow with M&A moving potentially to other European cities.

During the Autumn meeting, Alex Ferguson, Lucion Group Managing Director offered a positive view on how environmental businesses can continue to provide value and assistance to our clients during these challenging times;

“We recognise the instability in our economy but it remains a key location particularly for North American and Asian investors and we continue to see a focus on ESG in due diligence.  This provides an opportunity to continue to support and grow our client base and a focus for how we move forward.” 

Alex will be delivering an update on the UK’s current status as well as facilitating discussions at the Inogen Alliance Spring Meeting, which takes place in Tokyo from April 20-21, 2023. The region's importance in addressing climate change is highlighted, as Asia accounts for a significant share of global carbon emissions. 

Key topics for discussion include the transition to renewable energy and decarbonization, with insights and recommendations on how companies can adopt sustainable practices into their operations. The Spring Meeting builds on the success of the Inogen Alliance's Fall Associate Meeting held last year, which covered a range of critical topics in the industry, including emerging technologies, ESG, health & safety, and climate change. 

Attendees can expect informative sessions, keynote speakers, panel discussions, and breakout sessions to help environmental consulting firms stay ahead of the curve. In addition, there will be ample networking opportunities. 

“Inogen Alliance is building the foundation for sustainable change using our global expertise and influence where we can contribute to our collective future. We demonstrate daily our eagerness and ability to dip into a new future. One that requires innovation and forward thinking in the current dynamic business environment. We need to understand how the world is shifting and moving outside our own backyards to understand the larger implications and respond to changing trends.” 

Angelique Dickson, President of Inogen Alliance.

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