Why bat surveys are important

30 Mar 2016


Bat surveys for development

For those companies involved in the acquisition, management or development of land, there is a responsibility to the environment to find out if the work is likely to affect protected species, such as bats.

A recent landmark case saw a property development company fined after destroying a brown long-eared bat roost (read article).

The property underwent redevelopment despite the completion of an ecological report, which identified a roost in the loft of the commercial property in Matlock.  Whilst the judge deemed that the offence was not intentional, the Bat Conservation Trust commented that the outcome sent a strong message to developers about the importance of bat surveys prior to development.

Bats are protected by law, with 18 different species living in both rural and urban areas of the UK.  Bat roosts vary in size and occur in both buildings and trees.  Our Ecology department is able to carry out assessments to establish the presence of bats, and, as well as being qualified to prepare European Protected Species Licence (EPSL) applications and undertake the associated mitigation works, the team are qualified to complete works under the Bat Low Impact Class Licence (BLICL), in situations where it is appropriate, which reduces the time and cost burden to clients.

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