Inogen creates closer ties following Worldview Conference

09 Dec 2016


Inogen Insights

Inogen® Environmental Alliance, the global corporation that provides multinational organisations with environment, health and safety solutions, have recently published its Insights newsletter following the recent Worldview® Conference in Chennai, India. 

Delta-Simons Managing Director, Alex Ferguson, attended this year's event to see how special guests, Microsoft, manage their EHS experiences and challenges working in data centres.

Delta-Simons is a founder member of the Inogen, an EHS solution provider with offices on every continent to support EHS projects in over 120 countries.  This business model enables delivery of a wide range of EHS related services using a single point of contact to deliver projects and business management for our clients around the world (read more about Inogen).

This latest newsletter presents the alignment of the environmental alliance through closer ties being established throughout the world with new Trusted Providers joining the network, including Taiwan, the Philippines, Vietnam and Canada.  It also features content from Associates, HPC International on Chemical Warfare Management, as well as Antea Group presenting augemented reality using hands-free technology to keep clients better informed (read newsletter).

Read more about Inogen and Delta-Simons.