Inogen becomes GRESB Global Real Estate Partner

08 Aug 2017



GRESB and Inogen

Delta-Simons is pleased to announce that Inogen Environmental Alliance has recently become a GRESB Real Estate Global Partner.  GRESB is an investor-driven organisation committed to assessing the ESG performance of real assets globally.

More than 250 members, of which more than 60 are pension funds and their fiduciaries, use GRESB data in their investment management and engagement process, with a clear goal to optimize the risk/return profile of their investments.  Delta-Simons is a founder member of the Inogen Environmental Alliance, a global corporation that provides multinational organisations with environmental, health and safety solutions.

Each year, GRESB captures information around the sustainability performance of property companies, fund managers and developers.  This is then worked against GRESB benchmarking framework to give participants the tools to monitor and improve their sustainability performance, and to report to their investors and other stakeholders regarding sustainability issues.

Inogen will be working alongside other GRESB Partners which includes industry bodies and associations, leading advisors and solution and data providers.  All Partners are committed to helping GRESB participants to advance their ESG performance and to contribute to GRESB’s mission of assessing and empowering sustainability practices in the real estate sector.

Inogen will be co-hosting the launch of the 2017 GRESB Real Estate Assessment Results in Singapore on 21st September, at the time of the autumn Inogen Associate Meetings.  The results will provide insights into the ESG performance of global real estate portfolios, the current state of sustainability within the sector and emerging trends.

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